Environmental Impact Assessment is an integral part of major project planning applications. We have coordinated EIAs, prepared Environmental Statements or made specialist topic inputs for projects as diverse as golf courses, energy recovery installations, marinas, solar farms as well as many and various urban development projects.

We have expertise in the applicability and interpretation of the EIA Regulations 2012 and have advised local authorities as well as developers in this regard. To supplement our own specialisms we are able to bring together a team of the appropriate disciplines. Depending on the nature and scale of the environmental issues we work with selected consultancies and experts who are used to working with us to deliver often complex outcomes in a comprehensible format.

EIA is not, however, a product of a single stage assessment; properly undertaken it is a valuable iterative part of the scheme design process. When used in this way it can add significantly to the overall value of the scheme and its credibility with authorities and their consultees.