& Visual
We undertake landscape and visual impact assessments for a very wide range of projects across four main topic areas, as below, but not necessarily limited to these. For planning application related assessments principally we follow the methodological guidelines of The Landscape Institute and Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment, as well as guidance provided by other relevant bodies where this is relevant to a particular topic (wind energy for example). We believe that LVIA is not just another assessment in the suite of assessments required for large applications but when undertaken by experienced assessors can often be the key one that can fundamentally influence the project and the outcome.

In addition to impact assessment of specific development projects we also prepare reviews of the submitted assessments of others for authorities and other parties. We undertake landscape character assessments at county and local level and landscape sensitivity assessments for specific development types, for example for renewable energy development or urban expansions.

We have experience in urban or townscape character assessments and of the impact assessment of new development or redevelopment of sites within urban areas.